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Jammu & Kashmir is bestowed with a predominantly young population with about 69 % of the population being below the age of 35 years. In order to provide a platform for holistic implementation of all youth engagement and outreach initiatives, and to bring the interests and empowerment of youth to the centre of policy making, government of Jammu & Kashmir UT has rolled out a pioneering initiative - Mission Youth.

Mumkin - Livelihood Generation Scheme

Under the Mumkin scheme, unemployed youth are facilitated to procure small commercial vehicles, on subsidized basis, to establish a sustainable livelihood line in the transport sector.

To make the scheme implementation, completely transparent and fast, a module has been developed on JK-e Services portal for operating the scheme digitally.

As a special incentive under this scheme, Mission Youth is contributing 0.80 lakh or 10% of On-Road Price of Vehicle (whichever is Minimum) per beneficiary and an equivalent amount is also contributed by the vehicle manufacturers Mission Youth has tied up with reputed vehicle manufacturers as scheme partners for providing the best in class options of vehicles to the youth. Pertinently, discretion to choose type of vehicle is left to the youth under scheme guidelines.

Spurring Entrepreneurship Initiative

This scheme is centered on the theme Youth Enterprise with Innovation (YouWiN)/ Champion for Innovation program for encouraging young entrepreneurs’ especially young women towards innovations in various enterprises.

The broad aim of the Scheme is to provide financial assistance to youth of Union Territory of J&K for establishing their business units. It has the stated objective of encouraging innovation and job creation through creation of new businesses and expansion of existing businesses.

This scheme seeks to foster high growth entrepreneurship through business plan competitions. The core principle is to let youth decide on the nature and manner of their business rather than giving an enumerative list of businesses and ask them to choose from a confined sphere of prescribed activities

Tejaswani - The Radiant

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Hon'ble LG announced a special scheme TEJASWINI to promote entrepreneurship among young women. Scheme envisages giving financial assistance upto Rs 5 lakhs to young women for setting up gainful self-employment ventures, suited to their skills, training, aptitude and local conditions.

The financial assistance is given to women between the age of 18 to 35 years having a qualification of 10th standard or above.

SAHYTA Program

Mission Youth has also rolled out a special financial assistance program for youth in distress. A financial assitance of 2 lakhs can be provided under the scheme to youth in distress for setting up gainful self-employment units

For purposes of this programme, the term youth in distress would mean any person between the age of 18 to 40 years who has lost any next of kin/family member in insurgency related action, cross border shelling or mine blast incident in Jammu and Kashmir and shall include any such person who or his/her family member has suffered permanent incapacitation in such incidents.

Young Innovators Program

Innovation may be defined as exploiting new ideas leading to the creation of a new product, process or service. It is not just the invention of a new idea that is important. It is actually “bringing it to market”, putting into practice and exploiting it in a manner that leads to new products, services or systems that add value or improve quality. It possibly involves technological transformation and management restructuring. Innovation also means exploiting modern technology and employing out-of-the-box thinking to generate new value and to bring about significant changes in society. Mission Youth under this program aims to enhance young people’s learning and development through a range of non-formal learning activities with focus on pioneers experimentation and innovation in education, entrepreneurship, art, research and cross-sectoral partnerships.The major activities to be taken under this program are detailed as under:

  • To support the innovative entrepreneurship
  • Youth innovative entrepreneurship ideas contest
  • Promotion of young social/ educational innovators
  • Innovative initiatives in conservation/ management of resources

Under this initiative, Mission Youth intends to empower young innovators to innovate new products, services or models in any area of their interest like art, craft, literature, science. The idea is to facilitate promising innovators to exhibit their talent and excel in their areas of interest by providing them with institutional support and financial assistance.

Sector Specific Scheme for Dental Professionals

The scheme aims to address unemployment in dental sector by providing customized financial support to professionals for setting up dental clinics. An amount of 8 lakh shall be provided as financial assistance under this scheme for setting up a dental clinic.

The financial assistance under this scheme shall comprise of two components. Mission Youth shall provide a grant in aid/capital amount of 2 lakhs for each dental clinic to be set up under this scheme and it will be given as a special grant to unemployed dental professionals for setting up their own clinics. Rest amount of 6 lakhs shall be financed by bank as Start Up loan which shall repayable.

In the pilot phase 200 clinics under the scheme are to be set up with a targeted employment to 400 doctors and 400 dental technicians.

Rise Together

Mission Youth, J&K has the rolled out specially designed community oriented livelihood generation scheme for youth of J&K under the name of ‘Rise Together. The programme envisions promoting community based entrepreneurship optimally to generate jobs, income and promote spirit of social service among new-age young entrepreneurs of Jammu & Kashmir.

Under the scheme, the eligible Youth Groups are to be provided with a financial assistance to the extent of ₹ 20.00 lakh comprising of upfront subsidy component provided by Mission Youth (Minimum of ₹2.5 lakh or 10% of project cost) and Loan provided by the Bank (70% of project cost to the extent of ₹ 17.50 lakh).

The balance cost of project, not less than the 20% of project cost, shall be self-financed/ self-arranged by the beneficiary youth-group as Margin Money.

Skill Development

In order to bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled workforce and to create a strong environment for professionals and technical skill development in Jammu and Kashmir, Mission Youth has been in touch with prominent organizations of the country including ICICI Foundation, Tata Technologies Ltd, Primal Foundation, Wipro etc for working on upgrading skills of youth in the sectors having high employability potential like Banking & Financial Services, Digital Marketing, Media Management etc.

Mission Youth also signed MoU with Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Limited for providing skill development trainings to youth.

Endeavour to Empower

Endeavour to Empower is a customized skill development programme for the youth of J&K. Mission Youth is mandated to enhance the employability of youth in emerging market Job Markets through targeted market-driven skilling programmes.

The objective of the scheme is to sponsor market driven skill development trainings for the youth of J&K to faciliate

  1. Enhancement of Employability & Marketability of Youth in high potential / emerging Job Markets.
  2. Establishment of Independent Livelihood avenues for youth in various economic sectors.
  3. Development of resource pool of skilled youth that can be used for positive economic transformation of J&K.
  4. Promotion of the concept of "Be Vocal for Local".

Parvaaz Scheme

The scheme is aimed to sponsor coaching for Competitive examinations for recruitments conducted by UPSC/ JKPSC and other exams of similar nature

Candidates having total family income from all sources not exceeding ₹ 8.00 lakh per annum will be eligible for free coaching under the Scheme. 30% of the numbers sanctioned for coaching shall be earmarked for girl students/candidates. Candidates to be provided assistance under the scheme shall be selected through competitive process (Parvaaz Qualifying Test-PQT).

Hon’ble LGs Super 75 and SuperB 75 Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship for Students belonging to Marginalized Sections of Society

The scheme is aimed to provide financial support to meritorious students for pursuing their academic aspirations by providing scholarships for Post Graduate Courses (Regular Mode Only)

Financial support to the extent of ₹ 1.00 Lakh to eligible students pursuing postgraduate studies/ Research programmes to cover all educational expenses is being provided.

Youth Clubs

The volunteers program of Youth clubs is intended to give youth the opportunity to work through real challenges and make meaningful change. Young people who volunteer regularly develop a civic identity, as leaders and change-makers, and therefore become more socially and politically active adults. They also learn new social skills like collaboration and problem solving that are vital to succeed in academics, the workplace, and their personal lives. Thus, youth volunteerism can play a pivotal role in creating lifelong change among youth and result in their overall personality development, which happens to be the core agenda of Mission Youth. The youth clubs have been constituted to realize this vision.

Apart from getting grant in aid for activities, the volunteers shall be provided with Experience Certificate at the culmination of each assignment. Moreover, three best performing Youth Volunteer Group, on the eve of  International Volunteer Day (5th December), shall be rewarded each year with a cash price of ₹ 50,000 – ₹ 5,00,000 depending on the nature of assignment and magnitude of target population covered.

State of the art Youth Centres

Mission Youth has also initiated the process of setting up super specialized youth centres across all the districts of Jammu & Kashmir. These centres are primarily aimed to present a safe youth-appealing environment with manifestation of hope, security and aspirations of the youth and are planned to offer a first of kind initiative in a supervised environment covering four fundamental contours of youth engagement & empowerment viz. Inform, Inspire, Interact & Innovate.

In this regard, the District Administrations have identified existing buildings of District Employment and Counselling Centres in the districts for being converted into DYCs of Mission Youth. The centres are intended to be the core network of Mission Youth de addiction and de recadicilsation programs for youth besides providing youth engagement avenues for career counseling and recreation to youth. The centres shall have IT labs, digital libraries, sports facilities, amphitheater, cafes etc for positive youth engagement.


The sports initiative in Jammu division will comprise of tournaments in the sport of Volleyball and basketball. Similarly, in Kashmir division sports initiative will have tournaments in the sport of Football and Cricket

Talent across all four disciplines – cricket, football, basketball and volleyball shall be identified at two levels as per the age group – Under 19 years (Junior) and Above 19 years (Senior). Under 19 years (Junior) would comprise of youth from age 14 years to 19 years and Above 19 years (Senior) would comprise of youth from age 19 years to 29 years. Seperate tournaments may be arranged for boys and girls respectively to select senior and junior teams for both.

During the selection camps, besides the sports training, soft skills training into different aspects like resilience, time management, stress management, communication skills, teamwork, sports ethics and leadership skills (which would help participants evolve into better players as well as human beings) shall also be imparted by expert trainers of Youth Services and Sports Department and expert coaches.


Tour programs under Mission Youth are intended to act as recreational engagement programs for youth (between the age of 18-30 years) of Jammu and Kashmir whereby they will be given opportunities to visit different parts of the country and learn about our socio-cultural heritage, art and various aspects of contemporary India.

  • Engage and channelize the energy of youth in a positive manner for nation building;
  • Promote activities and programs, which foster social harmony and national unity among youth;
  • Promote spirit of national integration, unity in diversity and to induce a sense of social harmony amongst the youth;
Main elements of Tour programs sponsored by Mission Youth will be
  • Visit to places of historical and cultural importance.
  • Familiarization with art, music and culture of India.
  • Visit to industrial sites and learning of youth development models.
  • Interaction with youth role models and resource persons.
  • Interaction with youth from other parts of the country.

Mission Youth envisions facilitating organized psycho-social support for youth of J&K to promote sense of safety, self & community efficacy, social connectedness and hope through structured activities including counseling, therapy & subsequent Rehabilitation. Mission Youth plans to launch structured programs all in districts of the UT to address peculiar youth concerns. In pilot phase, rehab centers have been approved for being established in 8 districts of the union territory of J&K.
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