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Planned Actions under the Mission

1. Development of state of art District Youth Centers.
  • One youth centre will be set up in every district of the UT to connect with the youth. The district centers are intended to be nerve centers of all the activities to be taken up under Mission Youth.
  • Appropriate sport and recreational facilities will be made available at district youth centers.
  • Each district center will have professional councilors for constructive engagement with the youth. The councilors will be experts from the fields of psychology, sports and commerce, who will provide necessary guidance to the youth. The idea is to listen and support the voice of young people and to channelize their energy in the positive direction. Counseling will be provided to enhance young people’s social and political awareness and that enable their voices to be heard on issues that impact on their lives.
  • A manual for youth participation will be developed and disseminated by a professional agency for the benefit of youth.
2. Assistance for education and training
  • Early school leavers and young people not having formal education, training or employment will be supported to develop their skills and enhance their skills and employment prospects.
  • E-learning among young people will be promoted through facilities at the DYCs.
  • Coaching of youth in reputed institutions for IAS/KAS coaching will be sponsored.
  • Coaching for professional entrance examinations (Secondary school level) will be sponsored.
  • Skill development courses for the youth will be sponsored.
3. Promoting health and well-being of the Youth
  • Healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating and physical exercise for young people, will be encouraged and promoted through the District Youth centers.
  • Young people’s mental health and emotional well-being will be promoted by providing counseling at the District Youth centers.
  • Substance abuse and addictive behaviors among young people will be tackled through counseling and recreational activities.
  • Special counseling will be given for drug de-addiction.
  • Partnership/working in close coordination with drug de-addiction centers being run by the government.
4. Focus on livelihood prospects for youth
  • Special focus will be given to Campus recruitment to connect youngsters in J&K to opportunities of working available in the rest of the Country and beyond.
  • A structured formal mechanism will be established through Mission Youth to connect various corporate, national and multi-national, with youngsters having skill and employability.
  • Training designed to meet the needs of industry will be promoted and supported.
  • Young people will be advised and supported to access training and other labour market oriented opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial spirit among young people through non-formal education and informal learning opportunities will be promoted.
  • Financial assistance for Young people interested in self-employment will be provided.
5. Promotion of arts and culture and recreational activities
  • Youth will be supported and encouraged to develop their creativity and skills in the visual arts and media.
  • Young writers will be supported and encouraged and literature for young people will be promoted and published.
  • Greater access for young people to artistic and cultural sites, events and activities will be encouraged and facilitated.
  • Young people’s appreciation and active participation in the arts will be encouraged and facilitated.
  • Tour programs for the youth will be sponsored to enable them to engage with youth in other parts of the country.
6. Promotion of Sports
  • Budding sportspersons will be provided expert guidance and coaching.
  • Youth will be given avenues to interact with national/international players.
  • Regular sports events/tournaments at District level will be held to promote the value of exercise and the spirit of healthy competition among young people.
  • Assistance will be provided to local sports clubs so that maximum youth remain involved in sporting activities.
  • Working in close coordination with other governmental/ non-governmental agencies
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