In seeking to realize this vision for the future of young people of J&K, the following overarching values shall be the guiding force behind all actions of Mission Youth.

1. Respect for the individuality, worth and dignity of all young people regardless of their beliefs, ethnicity, physical and mental capacities, socio- economic background, gender and gender expression; for the right to have their voices heard and to be informed on all issues that concern them; and for the right to determine their own future and happiness.
2. Recognition of the beliefs, culture, and personal capabilities of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir
3. Sustained support for all young people in developing their physical, intellectual and emotional capacities, skills, talents, strengths and abilities; in promoting their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and in fulfilling their potential and aspirations and in meeting their needs.
4. Solidarityof young people, families and communities so as to ensure young people’s active participation, sense of responsibility and caring, and capacity to build quality and life enhancing relationships with their parents, siblings, peers and elders in the home, school, workplace and community.